Thursday, June 7, 2012

Happy Birthday Brendan is 11

DSC05774Crazy to think that my first baby is already 11! Wow time just passes you bye! He is such  a big helper to me I don’t know what I do with out my Bren Bren! He is such a good kid that does so much for me! I just love him so much!

He had a fun Birthday and Leonard took care of all the decorations, cake etc since I was on bed rest! He really did awesome job for him it was really great to see him make his day extra special!

He was so excited for his day! He got a iPod touch, captain America game, fox jeans, letters for his room, and covers for his iPod. He had four good friends come over and his cousins it was a fun night with lots of Boys in the house and giggles!

I love my Bren and so happy for all Len does for me! He also got him and his friends Pizza that had a big Happy Birthday edible sticker on it!

It was a great day! We love you!!



 DSC05922 DSC05914

DSC05926 DSC05919


Saturday, May 5, 2012


DSC05860Valentines was so fun this year! I made lots of cute things! I got the cutest wood sets at the wood connection! The Love and Kisses sets were my favorite! I did well and sold quite a few of them as well. I really enjoy them. I also did Treytons class party I was brave lol I usually don’t like to do them I don’t know why but that many kids just really over whelms me crazy I could never be a teacher!! But he was so happy that I came so in the end it was worth it! I made a board with a big heart and had the kids blind folded and spinned to place the smaller hearts on the big one! They seemed to enjoy it. I gave them little lip whistle things when they were done and had to laugh they all were over playing bingo blowing them hee hee! They weren’t the loud whistle kind thank goodness or the teacher probably would killed me.

I made cute treat bags from an idea I saw on Pinterest they were a hit the kids loved loved them! They all kept telling me thank you. There so cute!

My mom helped me round up all the stuff for them I am so thankful she is here to help me I just love her!!!

I got the boys the stuffed monsters and candy cups. They all really liked them and slept with there monsters that night! Brendan has a little girlfriend crazy how fast they grow up and fall in Love, he is really cute about it! Let the craziness begin!! Already wow!

Len took us all out to dinner at Goin south I had yummy crab, it was a good day. I was sad for it to end I didn’t want to take down all my cute wood stuff I had made for it! They are some of my favorites so far.


DSC05785 DSC05786

DSC05792 DSC05791

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DSC05863 DSC05876

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Swimming and Super Cross in California!

Treyton with RyanSo Leonard got a bright Idea and decided he could take the older two boys down to California to see the super cross race by himself! Wow I couldn’t go I been having contractions off and on already and was to worried. That would just be to hard to walk around and all the stress of the trip. Sadly I agreed and they made airline tickets and all the other reservations to go. The boys were so excited they never been on a plane before and couldn’t wait!! We went down the night before and stayed in Salt Lake at a fun hotel with a big place to swim. Ledger loved loved swimming he could stayed in there all night. I dropped the boys off early in the morning at the airport sad even Ledger cried they were leaving him too.  They had a ball in California. The race day was long and Treyton had a hard time making it through all of it. But they met Dean Wilson Yeah!! and got Ryan Dungey autographs and pictures!! I was so jealous I love Ryan!!! Ledger was so happy when they got back he grabbed there hands at the restruant to walk him in! It was so cute!!

Glad they went and had fun! Leonard took them to seafood restaurants and rented a boogie board with wet suits. They played in the ocean all day Sunday before coming home. Brendan loved loved the board. I can’t find the pics, darn it! It was a good trip for them!




DSC05851 DSC05853

DSC05855 DSC05847


Dungey 5

dean wilson

Friday, May 4, 2012

Crazy week at school!

DSC05842So Urie Elementary does Pig out for reading at there school. The kids have to read a lot of books and get awarded for doing so. To make it more fun for the kids they do things like Crazy hair do, tie day, Band-Aid, etc. Well me being on bed rest and not digging through Treytons bag as often he missed the first few days of the activities my bad!! He did do the Band-Aid day though and was way excited that I had awesome skateboard ones to put all over his arms so it was cute!


Playing Catch up!

I’m so behind on my blog so here it goes! I’m going try and get caught up! After 7 weeks on bed rest and being very sick and a emotional mess I got behind! But I’m back and going to start catching up our family adventures!!

Monday, January 30, 2012

New Carpet and Kitchen flooring!

After a week of craziness with the house tore apart everywhere! WE finally got most of it done! It is gorgeous!

I love love the flooring colors I picked it made my whole house look so different. We are still waiting on carpet for our

room and Leonard is getting trim up everywhere. We will not be doing anything with Ogden's Carpet outlet the guy who came out and measured and quoted us did a awful job and did not do it right one bit! The guy installing it did a great job and we are happy with him. But will not recommend that store to others now!It is really looking so so nice! I am very happy!

Treyton and Ledger were Leonard’s little helpers. Treyton was more excited about the new flooring than me!

He is such a cute cute kid and gets so excited to have new things and loves what I pick! He is great! Brendan loves all the new stuff, he got the bad end of the deal and has to move back to Ledgers room. We need the bigger room for the baby and Ledger. I let him pick out a lime green for the walls. We will be doing that soon and I will post pictures! he is going to have a captains bed just like Treyton’s  in there and his big Travis Pastrana fat head! Its going to be a cute room for him! Ledgers room and the babies also got new carpet! I am still working on the walls! I’m making there names in wood letters as well as the the other two boys so cute all Motor cross. Painting a pirate map on the wall and maybe a big palm tree!!! More of it to come also!

Here is my awesome new floors from before to in the process to almost finished! LOVE it!

DSC05794 DSC05795




DSC05809 DSC05810








LOVE the carpet downstairs so much better than pergo flooring!!


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