Thursday, June 7, 2012

Happy Birthday Brendan is 11

DSC05774Crazy to think that my first baby is already 11! Wow time just passes you bye! He is such  a big helper to me I don’t know what I do with out my Bren Bren! He is such a good kid that does so much for me! I just love him so much!

He had a fun Birthday and Leonard took care of all the decorations, cake etc since I was on bed rest! He really did awesome job for him it was really great to see him make his day extra special!

He was so excited for his day! He got a iPod touch, captain America game, fox jeans, letters for his room, and covers for his iPod. He had four good friends come over and his cousins it was a fun night with lots of Boys in the house and giggles!

I love my Bren and so happy for all Len does for me! He also got him and his friends Pizza that had a big Happy Birthday edible sticker on it!

It was a great day! We love you!!



 DSC05922 DSC05914

DSC05926 DSC05919


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